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TLDR; We are happy to announce that Sablier has been acquired by Hifi. The Sablier protocol and products are now owned by Hifi and will continue to be maintained and supported. I, Paul Razvan Berg, will join the new expanded team as technical lead.

The New, Expanded Team

My cofounder, Razvan Apostu, and I are happy with this new development, but Razvan has decided to step away from Sablier for now to continue work on a new project. …

Sablier is built on top of Ethereum, a blockchain that has been running uninterruptedly since its inception. This means that even if MetaMask, Wallet Connect or the Sablier Interface are malfunctioning, you are always able to interact with the Sablier protocol.

This is a guide aimed at technical users familiar with Ethereum and smart contract technology. We will use the Etherscan blockchain explorer, but you can use any other web interface with dapp capabilities, such as MyEtherWallet.

Contracts, ABI, and descriptions

Smart contract architecture, addresses, ABIs, and function descriptions for the protocol are available at docs.sablier.finance.

Big thanks and kudos to the talented engineers who cracked on our bounties during the #TakeBackTheWeb hackathon organised by Gitcoin. We are humbled by your interest in Sablier.

Judging turned out to be way harder than expected, due to the quality of the submissions being very high. We went through each individual project, tried it out and provided commentary to each hacker.


Irreversible Token Streaming

This bounty received four submissions from:

We were impressed by TripleSpeeder’s submission and his agility in responding to and implementing our feedback, therefore he is the winner of the 750 SAI bounty.

Use TripleSpeeder’s…

Update Jan 29, 2021

We burned the admin keys and don’t have any administrative rights anymore. This article should only be consulted for historical purposes.


Sablier has two building blocks:

  1. End-user products: pay.sablier.finance and app.sablier.finance
  2. Money streaming engine powered by Ethereum smart contracts

In this article, we will focus on the second item. We will shed light on the administrator rights we have as protocol authors and maintainers, as well as on the security measures we’ve taken.


Let’s start with a primer on the technical design.

Sablier v1 has three smart contracts, all non-upgradeable:

  1. Payroll.sol — Dapp Proxy
  2. Sablier.sol — Money Streaming Engine adhering…

The best format for this article is Twitter

Today, we’re excited to unveil a broad collection of ideas and use cases for real-time finance. We’re doing this after launching in December 2019 and realising that the Sablier protocol can be applied to so many things.

This is an invite for you to steal any of the tweets below and make it your own project. Sablier provides you with the picks & shovels for the money streaming part.

Use Cases




Kids Allowance

One-on-One Help

Adult Work


Coworking Spaces

Event Tickets

Grants and Scholarships



TL;DR use our web interfaces at pay.sablier.finance and app.sablier.finance

Today, we’re excited to launch Sablier v1, the protocol for real-time finance on Ethereum. This is a release for which we set a high bar for the user experience of our products and the security of our smart contracts.

Brief History

The app launched in June 2019 was cute, but had several shortcomings:

  • No mobile version
  • Only compatible with MetaMask, which had to be enabled before the UI could load
  • Many bugs caused by keeping the payer and the recipient’s interface under the same domain
  • There was a bit of math involved in…

When you’re building a dapp for continuous salaries, writing accurate time-dependent tests is a necessity. I recently learned how to do it the hard way, bashing my head against the wall, so I wrote this article to spare you the hassle.

I will further assume that:

  1. Your testing framework is Truffle, Ganache + Mocha.
  2. You want to your tests to be as accurate as possible (<5 seconds error margin).

Manipulating time in tests written for Ethereum smart contracts comes with some gotchas.

Gotcha #1: RPC

While it is totally possible to jump forwards and backwards in time in Ganache, there are multiple ways…

We’re excited to announce that we raised a grant from MakerDAO to take our endeavours further. We will use the funds to expand the team and ship a beautiful mobile-first dapp for continuous salaries.

The grant package includes a smart contract security audit from a top security firm in the industry, but we will get an additional pair of eyes to inspect the codebase. More information on this over the following months.


We announced Sablier in early June and people’s reactions took us by surprise in a very positive way:

We were also happy to see the community…

On the 3rd of August, at approximately 11pm BST, we become aware of a vulnerability in the Ethereum smart contract underpinning the dapp user interface hosted at beta.sablier.app. This dapp has been downgraded on the Rinkeby testnet and no interactions are allowed on Mainnet any more.

Exploit Description

The vulnerability would allow an attacker to pay themselves using the tokens belonging to a user that had previously approved Sablier to spend from the DAI contract.

The funds held in the Sablier contract are safe, it is the user’s personal balance that got affected. That is, strictly the DAI balance. Ether and all…

Paul Razvan Berg

Technical lead at Hifi. Founder @SablierHQ.

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